This manual is an official publication of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. Each member bears the responsibility of becoming familiar and knowledgeable of all the directives, procedures, and rules and regulations contained in this manual.

The contents of this manual are in effect as of January 8, 2013. The manual supersedes all previous directives, policies, procedures, orders, memorandums, and rules and regulations.

An electronic version of the manual is available for all members to view on the Office’s intranet. Members who have been issued a hard copy of the manual are required to update it as new or revised directives are issued. Members who have been issued a hard copy of the manual will keep the manual in good condition and will be required to pay for lost or damaged manuals.

Sheriff Ramsay shall be the sole authority for amending this manual. No other changes or deviations from the directives, policies, procedures, orders, memorandums, and/or rules and regulations shall be permitted.

Nothing contained in this manual shall establish a property or liberty interest in any position of any member of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Ramsay, pursuant to law, shall maintain the sole right to appoint members and withdraw appointments of members at his sole discretion.

All members should note and understand that no other member of the Office, other than Sheriff Ramsay, has any authority to enter into any agreement for appointment for any specified period of time or to make any agreement contrary to the foregoing.

Sheriff Ramsay may add, delete, change, modify or interpret any or all of the provisions of this manual at his sole discretion.

Failure of any member to comply with the provisions of any portion of this manual may result in disciplinary action, up to and including, withdrawal of appointment.

The manual and all of its provisions shall be continuously in effect from January 8, 2013 unless rescinded by the order of Sheriff Ramsay.


Rick Ramsay, Sheriff