M.C.S.O. Victim Resources and Advocates


In July 2001 the Monroe County Sheriff's Office was awarded a grant through the Victim of Crime Act of 1984. (VOCA) Through this grant, First Responder Advocates were strategically placed throughout the over 113 mile span of Monroe County to respond to and provide for those victims of crime in our community, whether they are residents or visitors. For more information concerning your rights as a victim of crime, or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact a First Responder Advocate in the area nearest you:

  • Plantation Key (305) 853-7479
  • Marathon (305) 289-2410
  • Marathon (305) 289-2430
  • Key West (305) 809-1090
  • Key West (305) 293-7475

The following links may offer a great deal of information concerning the rights of victims or witnesses of crime: